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Kitchen Improvements – Plan, Plan, Plan

Planning is the first step to improving your kitchen. Fail to plan and you could face problems with the new look of the kitchen, not to mention your wallet.Kitchen PlanningWe’ve come a long way from the old days when kitchen planning consisted of being sure there was a “work triangle” formed by the stove, sink, and refrigerator with counter space adjacent to each point. That’s still good logic, but we’ve come a long way past that.There are fashions in everything. It’s now fashionable to be a good cook. Home kitchens frequently reflect the preferences of professional chefs. Ergo. Brushed steel appliances and gas ranges with more than four burners abound. It takes some planning to create a kitchen in which it’s easy to picture a good cook at work, even more to actually be that kind of kitchen.It’s necessary to answer some questions in order to plan a good kitchen. Do you want to be able to socialize there? Will you be cooking for frequent dinner parties or large family gatherings? Is there more than one cook in the household? Does someone in the family like to bake? Are quickie meals for family members about to go off to some athletic event a frequent consideration? How many of these activities are likely to happen at the same time?A kitchen planner can be a great helper and doesn’t have to add to the expense. Home Depot and Lowes have some surprisingly skillful folks working in their kitchen departments. Upscale appliances can often be bought at places which employ excellent planners who will work with you at no extra charge. No matter what price range you’re in, when you get to the point of choosing appliances, it’s a good idea to check them out at before buying.Don’t Go WildThe usual caveat of all improvements applies to your kitchen work. Don’t over build the neighborhood. If you live in an old neighborhood with Formica counter tops, for example, switching to Corrian probably makes sense. On the other hand, changing to granite or marble probably doesn’t. Use the sorts of materials that are used in homes currently being built in the same price range as your neighborhood.