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Mobility Computing Services – Anytime, Anywhere and Any Place

The advent of mobile technology, with its easy accessibility, has predictably resulted in the mobile devices being used for smooth access and exchange of information.People want access to information on-demand from their mobile devices, in order to increase effectiveness in their organizations and increase the ability to interact.The mobility computing solutions help you to develop and launch scalable, secure and mobile business solutions and grow your business in entirely new ways.The integrated mobility software helps to deliver products to market on a lower cost to attain high performance and utilize productivity.The following are the segments mobile computing services are provided in:

Location Based Service: Developing Location-Based Services (LBS) for any mobile platform ranging from store locator to staff monitoring, useful in retail business or in any location based utility.

Mobile Health Monitoring: IT and mobile telecommunications to monitor patient’s health remotely to help governments, care delivery organizations (CDOs) and healthcare payers to reduce costs, related to chronic diseases and improving the quality of life of their patients.

Testing of Mobile Games: You can get end to end testing services for mobile games and applications.

Mobile Advertising: The voice/picture/video based mobile advertisements are a rapidly growing platform used to reach customers.

Mobile Instant Messaging: The solution provide instant mobile messaging (Voice/Picture/Video) as well as aggregation of different social networking messages like Facebook, Twitter, internet messengers (Google,Yahoo etc.).

Mobile Music or Content Serving: The solution supports progressing streaming as well as Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP) based content serving.

Global Positioning Systems: The Mobility services providers have expertise in design, development and deployment of GPS-based solutions for PDAs. They can effortlessly deploy the PPS or SPS-based solutions entailing NMEA or Sirf Binary Protocols.

Mobitex Networks: The market has providers with proven capabilities to develop the Mobitex networks application, which is an OSI-based open standard, national public access wireless packet-switched data network. Mobitex lays great emphasis on safety and reliability, which is one reason it is preferred by the military, police, firefighters and ambulance services.

IEEE 802.11b: The mobility solution helps to design, develop and deploy PDA applications using IEEE 802.11b-based networks.

Mobile Commerce and WAP: The providers need to have experience and proficiency of successfully working on projects in the major mobile computing platforms such as PalmOS, Windows CE and Epoc.

Porting of Mobile Applications: The porting of mobile applications from one platform to several other platforms is getting essential for usability purpose.

Smart Phone Applications Development: Look for providers who have capabilities to develop solutions for all smart phones (based on iPhone, android and blackberry platforms) as well as for j2me supported phones.
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